Taking a cat apart

#takingapartbooks 2014

Last year, I started keeping track of the books I read or listened to and tweeted mini reviews and summaries when I finished them. Here is my¬†entire list for 2014 … Continue reading

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Nonsense neurogadgets: sleep edition

We live in the age of the quantified self. Knowledge is power, and that applies to the body too. There are gadgets to measure pretty much everything we do: how … Continue reading

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Project labduino: dispense

Last time I wrote about using an arduino to drive a pellet dispenser in one of my setups, I described some software I used and a simple motor shield I … Continue reading

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Project labduino

For a couple of experiments, I needed to add an automatic pellet dispenser to one of our lab’s behavior testing setups. If your setups are anything like ours, they are … Continue reading

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Oh, what a lazy marsupial sloth!

While reading about koalas for Monday’s post, I came across this poem in Anette Benesch’s PhD thesis. I thought it was too nice not to share: In the heat of … Continue reading

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Those sleepy koalas

A while ago, I wrote about sloths not being the sleepiest animal in the world after all.¬†Another animal that is known for its sleepiness is the koala. I even heard … Continue reading

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New year

Happy new year, internet! I feel that the first week of this fresh new year must include a resolutions post, even though telling others about your resolutions is probably the … Continue reading

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